Reports and Feedback

Reports and feedback following events.
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Some interesting email comments:-


From Don H.
At Mairangi Bay we were also thrilled to have Robyn Allen-Gouge [Methodist minister at Devonport], who shared how she uses various NZ songs with her young people.

I particularly enjoyed learning the background to many of the songs and this made them come alive in a new way.

One of the highlights for me was to see the enthusiasm and sheer exhilaration in the eyes of our soon to be 80-year-old organist.

From Gaynor
The local organisers all did a splendid job, including meeting Colin’s plane at Whangarei when I was stranded in Warkworth with my car getting fixed. This all made life run smoothly for Colin and me.
The atmosphere at each workshop was excellent and we felt everyone enjoyed it all. . . which means the hymns get spread and used in a nice lot more parishes – ecumenically.

from E.W.
“I did think it was a great coup to have Colin Gibson along to a weekend workshop. He is such a fine person, musicologist and hymn writer and has managed to infuse contemporary hymnology with contemporary thoughts: a pretty big achievement both for him and for you.”

from J.T.
“How on Earth did you get Colin Gibson for a WHOLE WEEK?”

from C.H.
“Jan Joustra’s workshop helped me immensely with my current theology assignment. It was a wonderful day.”

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