These are the people who have led workshops for us, listed Alphabetically by surname.
Leading planned workshops.
Colin Gibson (October 2012) Whangarei, Warkworth, Mairangi Bay, St Matthews-in-the-city (Auckland)
Robyn Allen Goudge (October 2012) Mairangi Bay.

Tutors of earlier Workshops.
Colin Gibson is Prof Emeritus of English at Otago University,
Tutor for Ecumenical Institute of Distance Theological Learning,
organist at Mornington Church in Dunedin for over 50 years,
Writer and composer of hundreds of hymns and songs,
much used Workshop leader,
the Dunedin Library has a Colin Gibson Collection of hymnbooks.
He’s involved in Gilbert and Sullivan,
Magazine editor of NZ Lay Preachers Association,
A caring husband.
He’s been awarded NZ Order of Merit for services to Music and Education.
Yet all this has not seemed to affect this amazing man.
He behaves just like an ordinary rather nice guy.

Malcolm Gordon As a pre-teenager, Malcolm performed in several television skits for a national children’s program, Spot On.
In 2001, he toured with Y-One. In 2006 he wrote and directed his first musical.
Malcolm is a Presbyterian minister serving the congregation at St Paul’s church in Katikati and combines this with writing and performing Christian songs well suited to youth, while also appealing for wider church use. His guiding principle is to create music that is true to the Christian Faith, ‘theologically authentic and culturally credible’. He believes that what we sing matters – ‘People remember what they sing. Ultimately, they believe what they sing’.

His One Voice Project, an organization set up to help creativity thrive within Christianity, is dedicated to ‘exploring contemporary expressions of Christian worship’. It has produced two CDs – “One Voice” and “Ministry of the Exterior and Interior”
He uses music creatively in services, encourages and inspires those hearing his workshops.

From the One Voice website: “Our spirituality …can’t be articulated without artistic creativity. Photography, design, poetry, music and dance all have something unique to offer. …. that is what One Voice is about; encouraging creative expression that is deeply embedded in the Christian story, and guided by the light of Jesus. Art ..is a mode of communication … capable of an even richer palate of expression than language itself.
(Much of this information about Malcolm is quoted from the Per Crucem ad Lucem website http://cruciality.wordpress.com )

Jan Joustra (August 2011)
Jan was then the Dean of Hamilton’s Anglican cathedral. He moved to Australia in 2012.
Jan has an interesting history, always involved with a wide range of textural handcrafts, including teaching and lecturing.

Mark Pierson (March 2012) Te Kuiti and Taumarunui See promo Mark Pierson Promo

Pamela Tankersley is a Minister and a former moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Aotearoa New Zealand, and United Nations Convenor of Association of Presbyterian Women. She was Minister at St David’s Church in Palmerston North until being appointed PCANZ Global Mission Coordinator earlier this year.

Roy Tankersley is gifted in teaching new songs from the keyboard. He will be teaching us this technique as he teaches us several of the songs selected from the Hymnbook Trust’s books (Alleluia Aotearoa, Carol our Christmas, Faith Forever Singing, and Hope is Our Song).

Roy completed an apprenticeship in Organ Building and then studied music at Victoria University and the Guildhall School of Music (London). He has had a life-long association with church music in various cities and has also worked with opera, community choirs, youth choirs and in music education.
The family moved to Palmerston North from Wellington in 2003. Roy is Director of Music at the Presbyterian Parish of St Marks and St Andrews. He also directs the Manawatu Youth Choir and the Schola Sacra Choir in Wanganui and is a commissioner for the Royal School of Church Music.

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